Hello! I'm Kevin Clair and I hack on bibliographic data for a living. More specifically, I am the Archives Processing and Metadata Librarian at the University of Denver. My main responsibilities are to coordinate creation and management of metadata for Special Collections and Archives in both analog and digital formats, including our digital collections. I manage our ArchivesSpace instance, which you can find here, and manage content in our Islandora and Digital Commons repositories. I've been at DU since February 2013; prior to that I worked in a similar position, less the archival processing, at Penn State University. I have an M.S. in library science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a B.A. in history from Carleton College.

In the past I've taught on metadata creation and management in the Library and Information Science program at DU, but I'm taking a break from that right now. I have a syllabus from that here. More information on all of this may be found in my résumé, updated as of November 2015.

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I spend my time writing code on public transportation, supporting our underrated coffee scene, and riding bikes more slowly than everyone else.

I like receiving e-mails, especially yours.


In high school we were allowed to choose our own e-mail login, and I chose "pancakes" because 14-year-olds routinely make poor decisions. Because I hung out with other computer people, we referred to each other by login instead of by name. One night in the dorms we were avoiding using the letter 'E' in conversation and were hit with a stick if we used it, so no one could call me by my login or my first name. Eventually someone started calling me "flapjacks" and the name stuck. Later, on IRC, I couldn't ever get "pancakes" or "flapjacks" as handles on any server I used; this is why you're currently reading this text at